Your Gardening Calendar for the Year

Let your garden appear inspiring for others by following rules mentioned in the gardening calendar of the year. To let your garden appear as the attractive one, it is important to take care of plants and flowers according to the month wise. Let’s get into the discussion about it below.


This is a quiet month for gardeners, an ideal time to plan gardening tasks and goals for the and equipment you’ll need.

You prepare the bed any time of the year, but it’s best to dig deep before winter is over. This will allow the disturbed ground to stabilize before planting.

You can also recycle by chopping up a Christmas tree and spreading it on your bed or putting it in your compost pile.

Gardening Calendar


This is a month of unpredictable weather, from spring sunshine to late frost. From mid-February, you can start sowing greenhouse-grown vegetables such as tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers. It is also a good time to start eating early yam. Put the potatoes in a tray and let them germinate. Garlic, onions and shallots can now also be grown in light soil.

February is the last month before September when you can prune your hedges, so get your shrubs and hedges now to keep them tidy for spring and summer. Downloading gardening calendar templatecan guide you better on it.


This is a busy month in the garden. Weather permitting; you can start planting carrots, parsnips, chives, beets, lettuce, summer cabbage, and cauliflower outdoors.

Monitor the forecast for frost warnings and cover outdoor seedlings with cloth to protect them during frosts. You should also protect your seedlings from slugs and other pests by using a suitable product such as slug pellets available at the Topline store.

Start hoeing regularly to control weeds during gardening calendar 2022. This is also a good time to use herbicides to remove weeds from sidewalks, driveways, and sidewalks.

This is the final time to plant summer flowers and potatoes.


This is another exciting spring month in the garden. As the sun rises and temperatures rise, plants begin to grow stronger and faster.

Potatoes can be planted in deep strips for sowing.  Regarding plantation, you can also take help from any best gardening calendar app.

Pests like green bottle show up as soon as the conditions are right, so make sure you’re prepared to deal with them. Now is a good time to change the oil in your machine. You should also feed the lawn and keep the mower blade high during the first few mowing to promote healthy lawn growth.

If you’re planning a new lawn, now or September is the best time to sow grass. Thus, if you want your grilling season to go well, take out your grill and clean it. Have the fuel and accessories you need for the outdoors as soon as possible,

Rose leaves should be sprayed every two weeks to protect them from green flies and black spots. You should also watch out for greenhouse plant pests. Depending on the weather, you may need to water your garden or greenhouse plants, especially newly planted plants.

Continue weeding the bed with the hoe according to the gardening calendar 2023. Feed tomatoes and strawberries with suitable plant foods. Keep mowing the lawn regularly and apply lawn feed. Moss and weeds on the lawn should also be removed now. This lawn care should be done regularly until September.

Gardening Calendar for June

This is one of the best months in gardening calendar Melbourneto get outside, relax and enjoy the garden. However, some tasks must be completed within this month.

The first early potatoes, lettuce and parsley are ready to be harvested and many fruit bushes are beginning to bear fruit. You can now sow vegetables such as carrots, beets, beans and lettuce.

Water your flowers and vegetables throughout the summer. It is best done early in the evening when the sun is low and the water does not evaporate. Weeds grow quickly, so try to cut them as much as possible.

Watch out for pests and diseases, as well as plants that need to be trained or tied to poles for support.

Fig-flowering annuals and perennials produce more flowers during the summer.

Gardening Calendar For July

This is a great month in gardening calendar Australiafor bees, and as you probably already know, bees are essential for beautiful and productive growth in your garden.  If the compost pile looks dry, water it.

Regularly feed fruits, vegetables and flowering plants with liquid feed. Continue weeding and weeding regularly. Water the hanging baskets and containers daily.


And the long August nights should mostly be spent relaxing in the garden and reaping the benefits of all the hard work. Only a few simple maintenance tasks need to be performed to keep things running smoothly over the next month.

Keep checking for weeds, weeds, and pests. Cut off dead trunks and branches, and secure weak branches with stakes. If the weather is dry, water your fruits, vegetables, containers, and baskets regularly. Use a fork to loosen the onion bulbs from the ground and prepare for harvest.


This is autumn and it’s getting cooler. Now you are ready to harvest the onions. Continue to watch out for pests such as caterpillars and spider mites.

As the wind and rain intensify, more vegetables and other plants need to be placed to keep them upright. Spring bulbs such as daffodils, tulips and crocuses can now also be planted. . It is best to plant before frost.

If you’re planning a new lawn, now is a great time to plant the seeds.

Gardening Calendar October

Lift the carrot tender bulb and store until frost. However, parsnips are said to taste better when they are frosted. Avoid perennials.

You can continue to plant bulbs in spring. Scoop the leaves off the grass and throw them in the compost pile/bin. This will prevent moss from forming on your lawn.

Mow the lawn for good drainage (make small holes with a lawn aerator using a garden fork).

Gardening Calendar November

In this month of gardening calendar 2023 UK, the nights are getting shorter and winter is less work in the garden. Rake up fallen leaves to improve drainage, keep your lawn free of moss, and keep your garden tidy. Organize and clean seed trays, pots, greenhouses, and garden tools, using a plant-safe disinfectant as needed, and store them over the winter.

Mow the lawn for the last time this year, remove the grass from the mower, and then clean up. Think of your birds and provide your feeders with the right food and fresh water.

Keep in mind that this is the best month for planting trees and hedges in Ireland. The growth is dormant and suitable for planting. The roots settle when it rains.


Rhubarb does well in frost, so you can plant it now. It’s also a good time to fertilize the beds, as freezing and thawing water will break down the fertilizer, maximizing its effectiveness.


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