Planting Equipment for Roots, Black


⦁ Dimensions: 10″ wide x 9″ high × 15-1/8″ long; expanding dome is 7-1/2″ high
⦁ Can hold up to 4 3/4 quarts of potting soil or seed starting mix

⦁ Features a 15-cell reusable growing tray, a base, and a 7-1/2″ H growing dome with adjustable vents

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⦁ The key to healthy, transplantable seedlings is a large root mass
⦁ Repeated use is possible with this durable setup.

This novel propagation technique, developed in Europe for use in horticulture research facilities, is shown to produce stronger, more resilient seedlings.
When compared to standard 3-inch square cells, the 3-1/2-inch tapered cells are 50% deeper. Your seedlings will get enough of water from the capillary mat and the water reservoir.


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