Castellari Long-Handled Anvil Lopper


⦁ Hot-forged aluminium, high-carbon steel, polyvinyl chloride
⦁ 31.52″ L x 12.20″ W x 1.18 “H
⦁ Contains 2.65 kilos of weight

The blades are made of high-carbon steel that has been hot-forged. This is to ensure they stay sharp and sturdy, and the handles have been coated to prevent slippage.

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⦁ European horticulturists love this product because it’s Italian-made.
⦁ As a result, it offers unparalleled leverage.
⦁ Extra-long reach with soft grips
You’ll start reaching for these loppers all the time. Huge jaw apertures provide greater depth and breadth of cut. These pruners are ultralight and have been designed to minimise kickback. This will be reducing the strain on your arms and shoulders while allowing you to complete rigorous pruning tasks.
The “hollow on the blade” decreases friction and further assures a smooth cut (better for the plant and you!). The curved counter-blade holds branches firmly during the cut.


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