All-Terrain Garden Folding Terrain


⦁ Needs Assembling
⦁ 66 “Dimensions (in inches): 48″ long × 42″ wide x 30” high
⦁ Dimensions of the cargo bed are as follows: 31-1/4 inches in width, 48 inches in length, and 15-7/8 inches in height “D
⦁ Aluminum construction that is not susceptible to rust
⦁ Easy-to-hold foam material
⦁ Planks of thick, exterior-grade plywood with 4 layers
⦁ Pneumatic tyres mounted on ball bearing wheels
⦁ Deeply welded, sliding trash door

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⦁ This durable cart can haul as much as 500 pounds, or the equivalent of 10 wheelbarrows!
⦁ End slides open for simple loading, unloading, and dumping
⦁ Large, pneumatic wheels and a balanced design make this possible
In the gardening community, our garden carts have been standard issue for over 25 years. They weren’t adapted from a standard industrial utility cart but rather built from the ground up to serve the unique needs of gardeners.
The large wheels and pneumatic tyres on this garden cart make it simple to manoeuvre over uneven ground. Loose materials, such mulch and compost, cannot bounce out due to the high edges. The aluminium frame is strong and won’t rust, and the end slides open for convenient dumping.
As soon as you get your hands on one of our carts, you won’t be able to picture life without it.


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