List Of Helpful Tips to Follow for Keeping the Harvest

Many people have a lot of experience with storing, canning, and other methods of food preservation. Thus, there is always something new to learn about how to keep your favourite foods and staples safe.

We have included helpful storage and harvesting suggestions. These suggestions are for canning enthusiasts who want to maintain the freshness of the fruits and vegetables they produce at home.

To preserve fresh fruits, you can turn them into jams and jellies

Who doesn’t enjoy having toast with homemade jam on it over the summer? Well, it is an
excellent option for breakfast and a snack. But you can also use the summer fruit to make a
flavorful jam that can be consumed any time of the year.
When making jam from preserved fruit, you should increase the amount of pectin and sugar.
This will improve both the flavour and the consistency of the jam. Plus, it will also preserve the
fruit’s original flavour.

However, if you are new to canning and preserving, it is advisable to start with the basics. You should employ more accessible methods such as freezing and drying the produce. Start with the essentials and work your way up from there.

Freeze your Vegetables

To take no action at all is the simplest option. When it comes to freezing fruits or vegetables, the optimum time to do so is as soon as possible after they have been gathered. They should be well-washed before being placed in a bag. The bag has to be sealed properly using a press-and-seal mechanism to prevent “freezer burn.”

Blanching foods like apples or spinach is sometimes necessary before putting them in the freezer. The action of enzymes in these meals is slowed as a result. This allows them to maintain their colour and flavour more effectively. 

After bringing your fruit or vegetable to a boil in a third of a cup, immediately place it in a bowl filled with water. Make sure it should be chilled in the freezer. After allowing it to dry completely, place it in the freezer.

Vegetables with underground storage, such as roots and tubers

It is a smart move to preserve some of your harvests by making jams, pickles, and other items. But other crops, like your root vegetable harvest, can’t be frozen or converted into jam.

You may keep beets, broccoli, and potatoes throughout the winter if you have a basement or another cool and dry location to preserve veggies.


Canning the product from your garden requires more effort than freezing or drying it, but the result is food that stays fresher for a longer period. 

Always remember to grow each crop using the most effective methods possible. It is stated on each of Mrs. Wages’ goods that the water bath method of canning is the most effective way to preserve them.

Let your Crops Dry

Drying out your crops is by far the most prevalent method for extending their shelf life. Drying crops may give them a much stronger flavour and texture. This makes them an excellent addition to a wide variety of cuisines. Because of this, drying crops is an effective method for preserving food.


In comparison to other approaches, this one is likewise rather simple to carry out. You simply need to cut up your vegetables, wash them, and then lay them out on a tray to dry. That’s all there is to it! 

After you’ve given them a chance to breathe, put them in the sun to finish drying on their own. After they have been allowed to air dry, you will be able to utilise them similarly to spices in your cooking or store them in airtight containers like canning jars.

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