Who We Are

“Get ready to make your house garden feel like paradise."

Get ready to make your house garden feel like paradise.

As a leading brand that contractors, plant experts, independent garden centres, and nurseries all over the world trust, Tazapetal Store offers gardening supplies (planters and seeds) with refined designs and breakthrough innovations that last for success, inspired gardening. We think that planters should help you, not hurt you. We know what's best for healthy plants and those who care about them. To make gardening more accessible and more enjoyable for everyone and push the limits of what is possible, Tazapetal Store is committed to a simple customer promise: “We help you to develop”.

Gardening brings positive thoughts and improves your mind

The act of gardening might help you experience feelings of serenity and fulfilment. When you direct your focus to the current gardening activities, you can lessen the impact of unpleasant thoughts and feelings on your experience. In short, it improves your mood in the here and now. Simply spending time in the presence of plants is enough to relieve stress for many people.

Why Choose Us

1. Creative Ideas

Our creative and inspiring ideas add extra beauty and value to garden areas.
lants in containers.

2. Customer 100% Satisfication

We never compromise on quality, and this element has made us win our customer satisfaction at
every point.

3.Availability For 24/7

Our team is thoroughly professional in dealing with you 24/7 for any of your queries. We are
open to suggestions as well